Intro to Notation Software

Saturday, October 17th @ 2pm, followed by a Zoom Q&A

What is this video tutorial session about?

 In this workshop we’ll be learning about the different notation software currently on the market, what you can do with one, and then cover some basics in using MuseScore, a free program available for download. Get the ideas in your head onto ‘paper’ and be able to hear back and make changes in real-time. In the span of approx. 10min, we’ll re-create an 8 bar handbell work whilst also learning score set-up, basic input techniques of notes and articulations, handbell specific notation, and some helpful resources of where to go when you run into trouble using the software. 

Brittany McCorriston has been playing handbells for over ten years and is working towards a Bachelors of Music in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. Brittany specializes in music notation and editing and is currently an assistant editor for Berklee Press where she has worked on over 15 different publications. Brittany has a passion for teaching and believes that fluency in music technology is beneficial to all music learners.

Intro to Notation Software

Zoom Q&A

Additional Links and Materials

Here is a link to the Musescore download page:

Musescore also has tutorials available which you might want to look over:

If you have additional questions, you can contact Brittany at: 

The handbell palette that was used in Brittany's video was her own creation. She has made that palette available to be downloaded and installed:

  • Handbell Palette - Note: This is a Google link. When the next screen opens, download the file "Handbell_Palette.mpal" by clicking the download symbol in top right corner.
  • To install the file into Musescore follow the instructions below.

Load Handbell Palette 

  • Download “Handbell_Palette.mpal” using the above link.
  • Launch Musescore, and open whatever file you are presently working on. 
  • Right click any of the palettes on the left-hand side bar and select “load palette”

    • If you cannot see any palettes go to View- > Palettes

        • Select file from your computer, and select “open”.  The palette will now be visible with the other palettes. 

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